Rue Pilâtre de Rozier - ZA Sainte Agathe
57190 Florange
Tel. : 03 82 85 73 11

Un concentré de savoir-faire depuis 1986

Certification ISO 9001

Design department for mechanical design of parts and machines for the industry based in Moselle (57) close to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany

Median Engenierie is the engineering division of CAE S.A.. Median Engenierie ensures the design of parts and machines for all types of needs and all types of industries, according to your specifications with the advice of a manufacturing expert on your technical choices.
Thus together, the quality-cost ratio is optimized for your parts and machines.

CAE and its research department MEDIAN ENGENIERIE, it is:

  • a development by skilled professionals who know the manufacturing constraints
  • a realization by specialists who integrate the mechanical assembling

An effective dialogue for
the benefit of the product:

  • Opportunity to entrust the manufacturing and or the partial or complete development
  • Better understanding between the different actors
  • Greater efficiency and increased quality of product
  • Reduced development and manufacturing time , optimized costs
  • Flexibility in case of modification

MEDIAN ENGENIERIE design and manufacturing of all types:

  • Special purpose machines
  • Gripper systems
  • Machining fixtures
  • Controling fixtures
  • Press tools (progressive toll, Swiss tool etc)
  • Injection molds
  • Optimization of work posts
  • Updating plans

Examples our achievements

Distributor of joint for engine
(automotive industry)

(all standard applications)

Screwing unit for clutch
(automotive industry)

V-cut unit for aluminium pouch 3 thicknesses (0,5mm)



Technical means

To carry out design works, the design office of CAE, MEDIAN ENGENIERIE uses the following tools:
- Computer aided design (CAD) and in particular reference software Solidworks and Catia V5.