Rue Pilâtre de Rozier - ZA Sainte Agathe
57190 Florange
Tel. : 03 82 85 73 11

Un concentré de savoir-faire depuis 1986

Certification ISO 9001

Control equipment of CAE parts and machines (near Metz, Moselle – 57)

CAE designs and manufactures all types of high precision mechanical parts and machines in its machine shop located at Florange, close to Metz in Moselle.

This area of activity requires an extreme high accuracy for the calibration of all parts and subset produced by CAE. Thus, CAE is working with reliable methods of control allowing the checking of the produced elements at each step of manufacturing, with the following equipment:


3D Measuring machine

Profile projector
equipped with a camera

Measuring Columns

Traditional metrology equipment
at each workstation
(Micrometer, alesometer…)

Measuring gage
Measuring gage, diameter
0,5mm to 10mm