Rue Pilâtre de Rozier - ZA Sainte Agathe
57190 Florange
Tel. : 03 82 85 73 11

Un concentré de savoir-faire depuis 1986

Certification ISO 9001

Precision machining and Die-sinking EDM with CAE
(Machining company based in Lorraine)

CAE, company of Lorraine based in Florange close to Metz (near Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany) has the necessary know-how and equipment to dies and punches machining with Die-sinking EDM process.

Thanks to 3 Die-sinking EDM machines, CAE is able to carry out punches and dies machining up to dimensions of 600 X500 X 400mm.

The Die-sinking machines of CAE are recent, in particular the Form Charmille 30 machine (investment 2014).