Rue Pilâtre de Rozier - ZA Sainte Agathe
57190 Florange
Tel. : 03 82 85 73 11

Un concentré de savoir-faire depuis 1986

Certification ISO 9001

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and machining of precision mechanics in Moselle (57), France and Europe…

Located in Moselle (57) in France (close to Belgium Luxembourg Germany), C.A.E Company proposes the design and the manufacturing of all types of precision mechanical parts and semi-automatic machines.

For this purpose, C.A.E realizes more than 80% of its production with machining programs thanks to a CAM system for a high accuracy and reliable production. C.A.E has a very important database of already tested programs, a real technical advantage which offers to C.A.E. team as well as its customers, two major advantages:

- Saving time for an optimal reactivity
- Manufacturing cost reduction


For its CAD/CAM machining programs, the C.A.E Moselle Company uses the reference software TOPCAM.